Day Two-ish: Sunrise & Some Storm Clouds

September 30, 2011

Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:30 this morning. Eventually managed to shovel in some sustenance and throw a bit of soap on myself before heading out the door. I was determined to catch the sunrise over at the Fairgrounds. And… I caught some pics, but will probably take more in the next couple of weeks. It turns out they’re not changing as rapidly as I had anticipated. I’ll probably go every couple of days for the next week, then every day the week after.

Meanwhile! I’ll still be posting pics of various and sundry events/outings… so keep watch!

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Besides a couple of early-morning pics, I caught some gorgeous storm clouds rolling in… which pretty much curtailed my picture-taking for the day. Well, with any luck, more tomorrow!




My New Hero

Jonathan Stacey – no fancy Photoshop, no HDR, just a Nikon D90 & a good – nay, phenomenal – use of filters. Enjoy!


Getting Ready for the Fair – Day One [Of Fifteen]

September 28, 2011

Well, today was the day NC Fairgrounds started setting up for the State Fair, come October. I thought I’d grab a few shots of the deserted grounds before the chaos begins. I took the shots, and guess what? Boooring! Empty parking lots, lines trash cans (the smell of garbage in the air), the entire thing was a little *too* desolate. But, there’s always something to click at, if you only know how to look.

Therefore I present to you… Day One of Getting Ready for the Fair!

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Call me… the Photo Grasshopper; as in, “you have much to learn, young grasshopper.” I’d call myself a photography student– perfectly true, but people automatically infer that I’m in college. No, I’m going about this on my own, with the aid of the local Tech school and various Arts Councils in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.

Why photography? Easy– my mom handed me a DSLR and said, “Happy Birthday”. I started to learn about it, and the more I read, the more I realized how this touches on all the things I enjoy in life, mainly art, science, & technology. The only part that makes me nervous (other than the possibility of damaging something) is the math, but I suppose that’s what calculators are for.

Why a blog? Because I thought it would be nice to have a central spot for my work, basically. I’m starting to look around for photo projects (things I’d like to write about, besides take pictures of) and wanted a better venue than jamming up ol’ Facebook.

So! The first project: it is just about time for the NC State Fair. As of  September 28th, they’re starting to set up for it, and I got permission to take pics! So keep an eye out– I’ll be posting things every couple of days, probably with stories of people I’d talked to, or predicaments I managed to get myself  into– which is one of the reasons I decided to start a blog in the first place….