A Fantastic Time!

October 31, 2011

I hadn’t taken a vacation for a long while, and last weekend was wonderful! Now and again it’s important to get away, just to realize there’s more to life than just work, and more to the world than just home and the office. A group of us went to Brevard, NC and took pics of some of the local waterfalls. On the way there some of us stopped at Biltmore (it was raining, so no pics–sorry!) and enjoyed the house for a little bit.

The waterfalls themselves where quite a climb. Our poor organizer, Rob, probably isn’t going to hear the end of it for quite a while; he’d promised that there were just a few hills, or that some of the waterfalls were only about 20 minutes away. Well, maybe for someone who was *fit*, but for the rest of us shlubs, it was a climb!

And “a little hill” usually doesn’t need ropes for people to hold on to, for crying out loud….

But! Despite being forced to (shudder) exercise, the weekend was quite nice! It only rained Friday, and the rest of the time was gorgeous. Saturday night some of the photographers decided to try astro-photography, and I tagged along to do some stargazing. And that beautiful experience reminded me of the importance of living now and then.

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Dennis and Perla’s Nuptials

Talk about impromptu and out of the blue! I was enjoying a stroll through Downtown Raleigh when this handsome couple approached me and asked if I would be so kind as to witness their wedding ceremony. Only if I was allowed to take pictures, of course!

Perla and Dennis were very gracious while I asked for ridiculous things and scooted around on my knees during the ceremony. Hopefully some of these pics will help them remember such a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Cheers, you two!


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The New Lens!


It’s here! I picked up a 18-70 Ultra Wide Angle – and oooo, baby! It focuses *silently* and practically asks me if I need anything else before it departs. Of course, I’ve got a lot to learn about my new toy (as my pics here can attest) but the getting-to-know-you stage can be quite fun (and a scoche aggravating). So be prepared for vignetting, mad distortions and angles that can’t possibly exist in reality– we’re in for a wild ride until I figure this lens (Photoshop) out!


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Ahhh, the Fair….


And, the day has arrived! The air was warm, the sky was blue, and the smell of charred meat and unwashed bodies occasionally wafted through the crowds. The plethora of deep-fried… items was fantastic– cheesecake, Oreos, Snickers bars, what have you!  One of my favorites (and I included a picture of one) was the Krispie Kreme burger. My arteries seized up just looking at the thing! All in all, it was a photographically fulfilling day.


Go grab a fresh-squeezed lemonade & come enjoy the fair vicariously. No crowds, no fuss, and no temptation!



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I go nearly a week without taking any pics (the weather was moderately foul) and I can see a deterioration in my work! Wow, seriously, use it or lose it, people! I took a half-day from work and tooled around downtown for a little bit. I got a couple of tolerable pics from the Capitol Mansion, but nothing award-winning….

Otherwise! Today was a very, very pleasant day. 🙂


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Another Crazy-early Morning

October 08, 2011

This time I went out to Lake Crabtree to get some sunrise pictures– before I even had coffee! I parked the car and walked out on a busy causeway to get the shots– fortunately there was a path on the other side of the guide rails, so it wasn’t too dangerous.

Then afterward– on to Lake Wheeler for the First Annual Dragon Boat Race! Unfortunately the boats were a leeetle far away for my poor camera, but I got a couple close-ups I liked while they were parked.


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