Another Crazy-early Morning

October 08, 2011

This time I went out to Lake Crabtree to get some sunrise pictures– before I even had coffee! I parked the car and walked out on a busy causeway to get the shots– fortunately there was a path on the other side of the guide rails, so it wasn’t too dangerous.

Then afterward– on to Lake Wheeler for the First Annual Dragon Boat Race! Unfortunately the boats were a leeetle far away for my poor camera, but I got a couple close-ups I liked while they were parked.


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4 thoughts on “Another Crazy-early Morning

  1. Love the pictures! I’m assuming, since you said you couldn’t get good pictures, that you watched the boat race. That must have been neat!

    • afpender says:

      Thanks Kristin! Yep, it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, since they were coming straight across the lake & were pretty far out, it was hard to get exciting pics. It actually looked like fun!
      I would’ve considered joining the team if practice wasn’t 3x a week….

  2. Steven Pender says:

    Hey Ange
    Looked at your pictures and I’m really impressed, you lucky duck you, “Having two shutter bug Moms” in your life sure did give you a leg up.

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