Even in winter…

Duke Gardens has gorgeous things to photograph; especially when the sky is blue and it’s in the 60’s.

Ah, Christmas in the South!



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I’m taking a class…


It’s a combination of Sports and Outdoor photography. Yesterday, we convened at a Holiday Festival held by the Durham Parks & Recreation. And I couldn’t find the place until the very last minute– I had to jog the last 1/4 mile to make it there by 2:30! Note: there is a very important reason GPS’s have a Walking Route function! I took a detour, wrong way down a one-way street… and almost fried Thomas’s circuit-board. Afterwards, no matter what direction I turned, I was told to take a U-turn. For a few minutes I seriously considered throwing the Tom-tom in the bushes and going & asking someone where the blasted event was. Fortunately patience (and a mote of professionalism) won out, and I headed North until Thomas was able to find himself. The rest of the time went fairly smoothly– with the exception of my SD card deciding, 200 pics in, that it wanted to be formatted, but I managed to convince it otherwise.

And here’s the batch:


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