Playing Catch-up

The weather was wonderful over the New Years, and my friend Jenny was kind enough to loan me her beach house to enjoy a kind of artist’s retreat for a few days. Here are the results of that wonderful weekend!


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Warm Pools of Light

Went to the NCMA on Friday – they’re open that evening, with a band and a small area to enjoy some drinks. Ah, if only we could peruse the art while sipping… but that would be a bad idea. Anyway, I had brought along my camera because I had realized the lighting would be different after dark. And different it was – without the daylight filtering through the translucent skylights, the artwork took on a decidedly warmer tone. I noticed it especially with the marble statuary. Each piece had its own light shining down on it, creating a pool of warmth.


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Warm Weather — Finally!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in here! One reason is because I’m cold-natured, causing me not to get out much, and another is, when I did get out, I’ve been posting on¬†Facebook instead of on here. So I’ve got a bit of ¬†catching up to do! I’ll do the up-catching part over the weekend – right now I want to show you the sunset shots I got tonight.

When I woke up this morning and saw the raindrops hanging off my screen, I knew there was a good chance for a gorgeous sunset – and the weather provided!


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