Painting with light – first attempt

This was a lot of fun! I just went out to the back yard with some flowery-stuff I found at the grocery store, and spent the evening waving around flashlights & clicking. I’m very pleasantly surprised; there’s no real way to calculate for this kind of exposure, except good old trial & error. And a couple of them turned out… not great, but better than I was expecting for my first try!

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I learned something cool today!

So I read that wide-angle lenses actually work really well for close-up shots, right? Now, the trick is, you have to get really close to your subjects. So I decided to challenge myself with photographing the flightiest of creatures; the butterfly. I spent a decent part of today at the Durham Life & Sciences Museum, camped out in their butterfly house. And… I’m quite pleased with how the pics turned out!


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