Statesville Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last weekend I drove out to the middle of NC and watched a bunch of hot-air balloons take off. It was amazing how quickly the teams could fill up and fly!

… it’s also amazing how many calories one person can consume in a festival, while they’re at it (ahem).




2012 NC State Fair

Well, last year I took pictures of the fair during the day; this year, the night!

The Brevard Waterfall Trip

This year the Raleigh Outdoor Photography Club split into two separate groups – those who basically wanted to step out of the car and find a waterfall, and those who were willing to hike a ways for the shots. I joined the latter group, and got to see some spectacular falls! The big one was Rainbow Falls, which took a switch back trail practically down the side of a ravine; with a tiny amount of rope-climbing thrown in. I managed to make it through the entire day just fine, but next year – next year – I’ll be up for hiking on both days!