Statesville Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last weekend I drove out to the middle of NC and watched a bunch of hot-air balloons take off. It was amazing how quickly the teams could fill up and fly!

… it’s also amazing how many calories one person can consume in a festival, while they’re at it (ahem).




5 thoughts on “Statesville Hot Air Balloon Festival

  1. Steve Pender says:

    Very nice Sweet Heart …. did you send this over to Mom?

  2. Sam Steale says:

    This looks amazing! I’d love to go and watch the festival. I’ll remember the bit about too many calories – if i decided to go on a balloon ride it might not take off!

  3. Mumsie says:

    Beautiful as always..Had to dig to find them!

  4. Fred Kraus says:

    Very nice pictures.Miss you,Love you.

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