Statesville Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last weekend I drove out to the middle of NC and watched a bunch of hot-air balloons take off. It was amazing how quickly the teams could fill up and fly!

… it’s also amazing how many calories one person can consume in a festival, while they’re at it (ahem).




2012 NC State Fair

Well, last year I took pictures of the fair during the day; this year, the night!

The Brevard Waterfall Trip

This year the Raleigh Outdoor Photography Club split into two separate groups – those who basically wanted to step out of the car and find a waterfall, and those who were willing to hike a ways for the shots. I joined the latter group, and got to see some spectacular falls! The big one was Rainbow Falls, which took a switch back trail practically down the side of a ravine; with a tiny amount of rope-climbing thrown in. I managed to make it through the entire day just fine, but next year – next year – I’ll be up for hiking on both days!

Wedding Shower

Hello all! Here are the pics from Ethelda’s wedding shower last week.

Jordan Lake

I decided to get in at least one last camping trip before the weather got cold & the sites were closed. And my poor tent… I don’t know if it’s going to make it. It started out beautifully – I got some sunset pics with which I was satisfied. I had plenty of firewood, so I enjoyed a mild night while attempting to get a decent shot of fire. All was well. I went to bed around 1 or 2, and set my alarm for 6 to be up for sunrise shots.

I kid you not: at 5:58 AM, two whole minutes before I was supposed to get up, it started to rain. Guess which gullible fool had believed the weather report and didn’t bother to put the rain shield up? So I, and  several other blindsided campers, scrambled to make everything as watertight as possible. At that point, the tent was already wet, so I enjoyed letting the patter of rain lull me back to sleep.

Now I’m home, warmed & fed, and ready to show you some of my favorite shots! Enjoy.


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